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The primary goal of the Laffite Society is education and proliferation of information concerning the Laffites and their historical times. Although established in Galveston, Texas, the Society is not simply a group of connoisseurs and history buffs with a focus on Galveston Island. Active participation of members from various locales is encouraged. Special events are held in other locations and members whose location does not encourage attendance at monthly meetings may join us at special events. Others may participate by contributing to the Chronicles, or simply by advising us of their study interest.

The Laffite Society is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the study of the privateers Jean and Pierre Laffite and their contemporaries, and to the geographical locales and chronological era associated with them.


The Laffite Society is working toward continuing our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. Time and location are to be announced. You can follow our activities and discussions on our Facebook page (The Laffite Society) or our Facebook group (The Laffite Society of Galveston). If you are interested in full participation, please join our Society in order to be included in our Members Only email list.

Documentation suggests that on this site, Laffite built his home, Maison Rouge(Red House), located at 1417 Harborside.


The Laffite Society Logo

A reproduction of the Jean Laffite signature originally affixed to the "Le Brave" documents was chosen as part of the logo of the Laffite Society. This signature is generally considered to be the authentic in that it has been in the custody of the United States government since originally signed by Jean Laffite in Federal Court in New Orleans. Its originality and provenance is therefore assured. The Society employs the spelling of Laffite with two "f's" and one "t".
The Laffite Society Chronicles, January, 1995