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Historical Maps - David Rumsey

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Recommended Books

Lafitte the Pirate, Lyle Saxon

Jean Laffite, Prince of Pirates, Jack C. Ramsay, Jr.

Laffite of Louisiana, Mary Devereux

Land of Laffite the Pirate, R.M. Thompson

Pirate of Barataria, L.B. Evans
The Baratarians and the Battle of New Orleans, Jane Lucas Grummond and R.R. Morazan

Jean Laffite, Gentleman Smuggler, M.V. Charnley

Jean Laffite: Gentleman Rover, S.C. Arthur

The Corsair, Lord Byron

Grande Terre, Paul J. Robert

Privateersmen of the Gulf and Their Prizes, Stanley Faye, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, vol XXII

The Great Stroke of Pierre Laffite, Privateers of Guadeloupe and Their Establishment in Barataria, Stanley Faye, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, vol XXIII

The Journal of Jean Laffite: The Privateer-Patriot's Own Story, John Andrechyne Lafitte

The Memoirs of Jean Laffite from Le Journal de Jean Laffite, Translated by Gene Marshall

The Pirates Laffite by William Davis

Filibusters, Pirates, and Privateers of the Early Texas Coast by Jean Epperson.