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Recommended Books

  • Lafitte the Pirate, Lyle Saxon
  • Jean Laffite, Prince of Pirates, Jack C. Ramsay, Jr.
  • Laffite of Louisiana, Mary Devereux
  • Land of Laffite the Pirate, R.M. Thompson
  • Pirate of Barataria, L.B. Evans
  • The Baratarians and the Battle of New Orleans, Jane Lucas Grummond and R.R. Morazan
  • Jean Laffite, Gentleman Smuggler, M.V. Charnley
  • Jean Laffite: Gentleman Rover, S.C. Arthur
  • The Corsair, Lord Byron
  • Grande Terre, Paul J. Robert
  • Privateersmen of the Gulf and Their Prizes, Stanley Faye, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, vol XXII
  • The Great Stroke of Pierre Laffite, Privateers of Guadeloupe and Their Establishment in Barataria, Stanley Faye, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, vol XXIII
  • The Journal of Jean Laffite: The Privateer-Patriot's Own Story, John Andrechyne Lafitte
  • The Memoirs of Jean Laffite from Le Journal de Jean Laffite, Translated by Gene Marshall
  • The Pirates Laffite by William Davis
  • Filibusters, Pirates, and Privateers of the Early Texas Coast by Jean Epperson.
  • Laffite 101 - Jeff Modzelewski