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Freqently Asked Questions

The Laffite Society is an organization served by volunteers; it has no staff. The Society receives questions regarding the activities of the Laffites and usually there is limited opportunity to answer them. Questions received often require time for research--not simply the time to write an answer. Therefore, we have saved the questions we have received and now answer them in a Question and Answer (Q & A) format. Laffite Society member, Robert Vogel, is one of the most knowledgeable members of the Laffite Society. Consequently, we have asked him to take a first cut at answering the questions. His answers represent his rather cautious and conservative views on the Laffites and not all members of the Society agree with all his answers. Some differing views are offered and these are set off in brackets. The Laffite Society encourages diversity in views and theories, making it an exciting and viable organization. You, the questioner, will have to decide on the answer you think is most appropriate. Thanks to Robert and those other members who have contributed including William C. "Jack" Davis, Jean L. Epperson, Jeff Modzelewski and R. Dale Olson. We invite other questions to be added to this Q & A. Your questions, answers, comments, corrections, additions and suggestions are welcomed. Send them to the editor:

The Laffite Society

We will likely add to these questions and answers as we progress so check back occasionally. See the TIMELINE for additional assistance with your questions.